Carpet Plus

We supply a wide range of carpet and flooring to homeowners, landlords and businesses. We have a very flexible approach to our customers and will listen carefully to your needs to ensure you are completley satisfied with our service.

Your choices determine not only how your home will look but also how each room can be used both now and in the future. Which is why we go out of our way to help you make the right decision when replacing the floorings in your home or business. The latest trends may or may not be the most practical for you so we offer our expertise to make sure you choose a carpet that is both practical and stylish, whilst fitting in with your budget.

When buying a new floor, you'll want to make sure that it's a perfect fit. One of our Flooring Estimators will visit you at a convenient time to measure your room/s, and provide advice to ensure that your new flooring is both practical and stylish in your home.