Disney Flooring

When Peter Disney started his own company in 1987, he wanted his products to be more Beatles and Stones than Vivaldi. Now in those days you had to be pretty damn cool to have heard of natural flooring, so fashionistas and designers across the land were all over him like a rash. As the company grew, more products were added to the range, including wood, Karndean and bespoke rugs. Then came the launch of our shop in Bristol in 1999, and we've gone from strength to strength ever since. None of us is that good at yoga, but we like to stay flexible at work.

That's because we deal with everyone: architects, interior designers, contractors, the rich and famous, you name it. That's how we're able to tell Mr. Bloggs from Devon what's going down in Mayfair. So whatever you're after, from carpet to african hardwood, from kitchen diners to banquet halls, Disney Flooring has something for you. And if you can't find it on this website, we're only a call or a click away.