Higherground Flooring UK

We all have heard of the phrase, and it is especially true of flooring. Many DIY chains and online companies sell a wide range of what appears to be good quality flooring products. However, even an experienced eye will be unable to tell quality from a photograph, or looking at a box. Unlike many other products sold online, flooring has to be fitted, and to achieve a good finish, machined correctly beforehand. You can take comfort in the knowledge that all products sold by Higherground Flooring are fitted every week by our own highly skilled, experienced craftsmen in our clients' homes, offices, schools and restaurants.

If you decide to use our comprehensive fitting service you will benefit from our huge wealth of experience, including free estimating, design advice, damp testing, liaising with third party contractors. If you arrange your own fitting, you can be assured that your new flooring is of the highest quality. We would not put our name to anything less.